Introduction to Benzodiazepines (Level 1)

This course is for health practitioners and other professionals who come into direct contact with clients either face-to-face, over the phone or online, who use prescribed drugs (including benzodiazepines, Z drugs, sleeping pills, Pregabalin, Gabapentin and opiate-based painkillers). (Duration 4-hour course). 

Supporting Benzodiazepine (Level 2)

This course is for nurses and GP’s.

Interested in our training?  Please see our Training Leaflet or  email for more information or call us on 0117 9663629.

Why Postscript360?
  • A well informed organisation with over 20 year experience in both prescribed and illicit use of drugs of dependence and withdrawal.
  • Up-to-date with current knowledge and practice.
  • Knowledge of the issues, and the experience of provision.
 We have trained:
  • Statutory and Voluntary sector Drug and Alcohol services
  • Statutory and Voluntary sector Mental Health services.
  • Primary Care workers – national programme in partnership with the Department of Health
  • A&E workers
  • Police, Probation, Criminal Justice.
  • Housing support
  • Prisons
  • General nurses
  • Service users/carers
  • Department of Health national training
  • GP Education Sessions
  • Residential treatment providers

PostScript360 offers  support  for GPs, ensuring that the services for prescribed drugs of dependence do not risk contravening the 2017 Consent Law.

What others said about our training?

 Dr Suzanne Davis, Clinical Psychologist (North Somerset Liaison and Later Life Therapies)

“I was most impressed when you came and spoke to the Clinical Psychologists at the Coast Resource Centre a couple of months’ ago and I feel that our multidisciplinary team would really benefit from having the same talk. Your session was very informative and thought provoking – I believe that it really changed our thinking about the effects of, and withdrawal from, taking tranquillisers. For my part, it has made me question how readily our services prescribe these medications without always talking through the full implications with service users. We have many training and educational sessions, but I do feel that your talk is one which I will remember and will inform many future discussions on the subject.”

Training feedback from group sessions

 “The trainers answered questions well and were very knowledgeable; I liked that even having had the training before there are always new things to learn and it seems like the trainers were very up-to-date on new information etc.”

 “Very useful – has raised my awareness of benzos and has made me more empathetic towards users”

 “I liked receiving information around dependency / tolerance and safe reductions. The trainers were expertly knowledgeable around benzos and could answer everything I wanted to know”

 “Informative as ever! Always good to refresh my knowledge but I also learn something new every time I attend BATs training! Good to get up to date info”