Partnership working

Postscript360 and the University of Bedfordshire

Postscript360 and the University of Bedfordshire have formed an exciting partnership, which will help to address the mismatch between what researchers think they should research and the practical information that is needed day-to-day by people living with, or recovering from, benzodiazepine dependence.   Researchers from Bedford University gave a presentation at our AGM on February 11th

University academics often don’t interact with the people their research affects the most, and quite often research is done without involving members of the public or people with lived experience. Research is published in academic journals that are mainly read by other academics – and no-one else. Involving people with lived experience can offer insights into the experience of benzodiazepine dependence, the use of services, of receiving certain treatments and of recovery. 

Postscript360 and Southern Brooks Community Partnership

logo_southernbrooksPostscript360 and Southern Brooks Community Partnerships worked together to offer an Emotional Wellbeing Drop In.


Postscript360 and DHI – Opioid analgesics dependency pilot project

Postscript360 and DHI (Developing Health and Independence) with whom we work closely, 2 GPs and a consultant psychiatrist have completed year one of a two year pilot exploring the use of opioid painkillers, both on their own and in combination with other prescribed drugs especially benzodiazepines. This will be based in two GP surgeries and will look to address Opioid Analgesic Dependency (OAD).

The aims of the OAD Project  are:-

  • To provide patients at risk of OAD with effective, alternative care pathways
  • To support GPs across South Gloucestershire in improving prescribing practices around OAD
  • To explore links between OAD and patterns of social deprivation
  • To help establish South Gloucestershire as a regional/national information hub for treating the misuse of prescribed medication