Our Services & COVID-19

We are paying close attention to the quickly changing events surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the recommendations from international health organisations and the Government. The health and wellbeing of our team and clients is a top priority and we have put measures in place to support them over the coming days and weeks. We can continue to operate securely and effectively with these measures in place.
  • We will continue to offer our Telephone Support Service to our clients.
  • Our one to one counselling service before Therapy 300 will be conducted via the telephone, not in person.
  • Our Therapy 300 service (Group Therapy) held at Gloucester House; Southmead Hospital Bristol will be suspended until further notice. We will continue to support our clients by telephone therapy.
  • Our training service to health professionals will be put on hold until further notice.
We are taking COVID-19 very seriously and are prepared to continue supporting you in the best way possible.
Supermarkets and pharmacists will continue to remain open, if you have doubts regarding your prescriptions, please speak with your GP to ensure that your repeat prescription of tapering is correct and is received by your pharmacy.

People with a long-term dependence on benzodiazepines may find it difficult to stop taking benzodiazepines. Attempts to discontinue use of these drugs often    result in withdrawal symptoms and fast relapse. Therefore, a gradual reduction of usage is recommended over an abrupt stop.

If you or a loved one is finding it difficult to taper off benzodiazepines, please know that help is available. Contact us, our specialist practitioner can help you overcome a dependence to benzodiazepines and concerns.

We offer two types of therapy services, the first is Therapy 300 that is a face to face service, you will receive a tailored assessment and recovery support plan, ongoing support from a specialist practitioners, counselling and group therapy. We also offer advocacy service, liaising on your behalf with your GP and health services. This service is available for people who can attend Gloucester House at Southmead Hospital.

Our second service is a Telephone Support Service which is talking therapy, you will receive a tailored assessment and recovery support plan, weekly counselling for 20-30 minutes, and a listening support service.

Please read about each service, for more information talk to our friendly team on 0117 9663629 or email info@postscript360.org.uk

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