Corporate Partnerships

So, if you are thinking of a Charity of the Year partnership or in the process of choosing your next charity, we would love to hear from you. To get ideas look at our  Fundraising Guide.

When Postscript360 is working with a company it is about more than receiving financial support, it’s about developing a mutually beneficial partnership, where both organisations share skills, expertise and knowledge to achieve more within our community. Your company may have technical expertise in ICT to support us especially in marketing our services or have an office we can use from time to time. We aim to develop new innovative solutions to be able to reach more people throughout the UK. Maybe your company has the knowledge to support this project?

Charity of the Year

A Charity of the Year partnership with Postscript360 is a fantastic way to motivate, engage and unite your employees. It helps us to raise vital funds and awareness about our work, putting people’s mental health and wellbeing at the heart of conversation and, at the same time promote your business.

So, if you are thinking of a Charity of the Year partnership or in the process of choosing your next charity, we would love to hear from you.

Cause Related Marketing & Sponsorship 

Research has shown that 77% of customers are positively influenced by a cause related promotion at the point of purchase or decision-making’ (Business in the Community). It helps increased brand affinity and equity, positive consumer perception, loyalty and buying behaviour. It can be highly productive for both the company involved and the charity and is seen by clients as a wonderful way of supporting worthy causes. 

Postscript360 has earned a reputation amongst health professionals and other voluntary organisations, our total successful rates of people who have reduced their drug use or are drug free is 90%.  In contrast to Public Health England (PHE) report, overall successful exits of 49% in 2016-17. Return to service PHE reports that of those in treatment on the 31 March 2017, a third (29%) were in treatment continuously since their initial commencement. 34% had more than three attempts at treatment. By contrast Postscript360  has had only 3 returns to service in 3 years. We believe this is because our specialist advice ensures the service users do not leave the service without the knowledge and support, they need.  Postscript360’s Telephone Support Line on average receives approximately 400 incoming calls a month.  

Payroll Giving 

If running a marathon or trekking across a mountain is not for you but you would like to contribute, you can through payroll giving, which allows you to make donations directly from your salary and you get tax relief on your donation. The donations are made after your National Insurance contribution is calculated but before Income Tax is worked out and deducted, you only pay tax on what’s left. 

Talk to your HR department or personnel department about whether a scheme is already in place, but if not, setting up a scheme is easy, and the costs are minimal. To learn more about how payroll giving works visit HMRC. Or register with one of the following Payroll Giving Agencies and they will talk you through the process: Charities Aid Foundation (CAF); Charitable Giving; or the Charities Trust. 

Fundraising Guide: